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Servo Actuator/Servo Valve Test Stand

GPM/PSI: 50 @ 3000  
Fluid: Mil-H5606 or equal  
Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: N.A.  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No: 12A2608-3  
Model No:  
Description/Function of unit

The unit shown is a stationary test console capable of acting as a central test station. The stand connects to an external hydraulic supply. The hydraulic supply is not shown and may be purchased separately. The control is a control center with instrumentation to test servo valves rated to 40 GPM.

The test stand sink includes outlet and return ports. A series of ball valves as mounted to direct flow or to isolate specific flow paths for servo testing visual rotormeter are mounted in the instrument panel. A IMC Electronic servo valve displacement flow cylinder model number 532, rated 15 to 50 GPM is inside the console.

Temperature pressure and flow is read and controlled at the console instrument panel.

The major instruments are:

  • 1 each IMC flow cylinder model 532 (0-50 GPM)
  • 2 each Flowmeter, 0-50 GPM
  • 2 each 6" gauge, 0-6000 PSI
  • 4 each 4" gauge, 0-3000 PSI
  • 1 each 4" gauge, 0-400 PSI
  • 1 each 4" gauge, 0-200 PSI
  • 2 each 2" gauge, 0-400 PSI
  • 1 each Differential pressure gauge, 0-100 PSI
  • 27 each Ball valves
  • 1 each metering valves
  • 4 each 10 micron filters high pressure
  • 2 each Relief valves pressure control
  • DC power supply 28 VDC
  • Work sink is a triangle shape 61 x 57 x 31, 4" deep
    Approx. Dimensions: 120" L x 36" D x 73" H  
    ALS ID: TSSVTS-103  
    Approx. Weight: 1300 lbs.  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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