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Dummy Load Kit

Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: N.A.  
NSN: 6115-00-133-9101  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: MEP007A  
KW: 100
PH: 3
Wire: 4
HZ: 50/60
Volts: 120/208 & 240/416

Description/Function of unit

The dummy load kit is a balanced three phase, four wire, resistive type with an approximate 50 KW rating. It is equipped with a voltage change board that permits operation at 120/208 or 240/416 volts. Incorporated in the dummy load kit is an automatic load removal circuit that will automatically remove the dummy load from the generator set if generator set output exceeds approximately 50 KW. The automatic load removal circuit may be utilized or bypassed by placing automatic load removal switch to the desired position. The dummy load kit is provided with a load selector switch the permits application of the approximate 50 KW load in increments of approximately 12.5KW.

Approx. Dimensions:  
ALS ID: LB-108  
Approx. Weight:  

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