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Air Operted Governor Test Stand

Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: N.A.  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: 205975  
Manufacturer: Woodward Governor Co.

Description/Function of unit

The test stand and accessory equipment have been designed to test most models of governors manufactured by Woodward Governors Company, and has the capability of testing governors manufactured by others.

The stand is driven by a reversible air motor. The speed of the stand is controlled by closed loop operation between the governor and the stand that is the governor controls the position of the air control valve which controls the air supply to the air motor. The air motor requires an air capacity of approximately 56 cubic feet per minute at a pressure of approximately 125 PSI to dive a governor at approximately 1500 RPM. The air motor can be adjusted up or down to accommodate different lengths of governor drive shafts.

The test stand incorporates a drop feed, oil mist lubricator to lubricate the air motor and to permit maintenance free operation.

Electrical power is required on the models with the instrumentation panel. The power requirement to each stand may vary to meet the needs of a particular installation. Normal power requirements are 230VAC, 3 phase, 50-60 cycles. The rail type stand has a DC power supply built into the control panel to provide power for checking solenoids and switches within the governor.

A heated oil system is provided in the rail and non-rail type stand to supply oil to the governors under test. The heaters mounted in the oil system sump are immersion type and thermostatically controlled. Temperature of the oil system is normally set to approximately 210F. The system uses SAE 30 non detergent lubricating oil at a preset pressure of approximately 75 PSI.

A vacuum system is provided in the rail type stand for testing the engine lubricating oil vacuum shut down device incorporated in some governors.

Leading Particulars

Testing Capability

Rail Type: All governors listed for non-rail type plus locomotive speed setting governors
Non Rail Type: SG, PSG, UG8, UG8PL, UG32, UG40, **PGA, PGD, PGL, PGPH, PGPL, PGTR, SI, *LSG10, EG3C, *EG3P, *EGB10, EGB2C, *EGB10C, EGB35C, EGB50C,*EGB2P, *EGB10P
Basic: UG8, UG32, UG40, PGD, PGL, SI, *LSG10, 8EGB10, WO

Air Supply Required

Rail Type: 56 CFM @ 125 PSI
Non Rail Type: 56 CFM @ 125 PSI
Basic: 56 CFM @ 125 PSI

Electrical Power Requirements

Rail Type: 230 VAC, 3 PH, 50/60 cycle with external ground
Non Rail Type: 230 VAC, 3 PH, 50/60 cycle with external ground

Oil Supply Type

Rail Type: 30 SAE
Non Rail Type: 30 SAE

Pressure Output

Rail Type: 75 PSI
Non Rail Type: 75 PSI

Controlled Temperature Output

Rail Type: 210F
Non Rail Type: 210F


Rail Type: 9 gallon
Non Rail Type: 9 gallon

Filter Elements

Rail Type: 50 micron
Non Rail Type: 50 micron

Air motor Lubrication

Rail Type: Drop feed auto. Lubricator and gear box fittings
Non Rail Type: Drop feed auto. Lubricator and gear box fittings
Basic: Drop feed auto. Lubricator and gear box fittings

Type Oil

Rail Type: 150-200 SU
Non Rail Type: 150-200 SU
Basic: 150-200 SU

Drip Rate

Rail Type: 3-5 drops/min
Non Rail Type: 3-5 drops/min
Basic: 3-5 drops/min

Air Motor Rotation

Rail Type: CW or CCW governor control
Non Rail Type: CW or CCW governor control
Basic: CW or CCW governor control

Vacuum System

Rail Type: Installed

Approx. Dimensions:  
ALS ID: TSPN-109  
Approx. Weight:  

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