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250 HP CSD Variable Speed Drive Test Stand Assembl

Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   G.S.E.
Part No:  
Model No:  
Manufacturer: Reliance
RPM: 18,000 with adapter GB

Description/Function of unit

Major components;

  • Main drive console with late style square back variable speed 250 HP, 900-2550 RPM, 500 volts DC motor
  • The motor drives a Walter machine gear box type 750516A0, serial number 24527 with a 2 speed gear box 1.3, 5.945:1 ratio max. RPM is 15,182 RPM. The gear box and motor are base mounted to the main skid. The gear box is coupled to the 250 HP DC motor. The dual range speed selector is currently removed this selector allows a range of 1,200-157182 RPM
  • The DC motor is forced feed air cooled. The gear box assembly includes a gear type lube oil pump with filter and all connections.
  • The unit test mounting pad is an AND type pad 10in, 12 bolt for mounting generators.
  • An adapter with flange ring and marmen style clamp is included. The 10” dia pad is removable and becomes a 6” dia., 6 bolt AND small pad for smaller components.
  • The shaft coupling is a female 1¼” by 24tooth coupling
  • The main skid include the CSD hydraulic fluid support cabinet with pump, motor, controls, pressure, return, and scavenge gauge shut off and bypass valve hydraulic supply and return hoses
  • A generator cooling blower/motor assembly is mounted on the skid at the rear of the 250 HP motor
  • A 24 x 24 NEMA can/is used to connect the generator output to the main load bank
  • A second 24 x 24 NEMA can/is used for instrumentation and includes test cables, banana type jacks and multi pin connectors
  • A third NEMA can approx. 24 x 48 is used to connect the AC/DC power supply and the master control test station
  • All wires and conduits connect to the main skid
  • The main control console is a double side by side 19” rack assembled with rear access doors and front fold out doors and table top work stations
  • There are 2 computers complete with individual CPUS start/stop and speed control fine and course RPM control. The control wiring is feed to the main skid
  • The main AC to DC power supply is controlled via these connections
  • The main power supply is a steel cabinet 72” W x 48” H x 20” D the solid state fircon model 3160 AC converter and control is in the cabinet, the cabinet includes reversing contacts and special fuses. The cabinet has a double locking door.
  • The load bank connects to the NEMA box for loading and step loading up to 120 KW, 400 HZ, 3 ph
  • The special auxiliary gear box has a ration of 1.24:1 with 2” input and output shaft. The gear box is 10½” x 10-1/8” x 24½” H the rectangular shaped gear box has 4 shafts. Note: When installed on a drive pad the input shaft has a max. output of 14,917.5 RPM the lower output will have a max speed of 18,309 RPM max
  • The drive was originally used to test 737 aircraft CSD’s and generators. There are several adapters, flanges, spines, and related hardware items with the drive package.

    The drive is offered in used condition as described, AS IS WHERE IS FOB warehouse.

    Approx. Dimensions:  
    ALS ID: TSCSD-104  
    Approx. Weight:  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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