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Aircraft Generator and Constant Speed Drive Test S

Manufacturer: Avtron
Shown as: Used  
NSN: 4920-148-7941  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: K400A  
Description/Function of unit

The test stand consists of five (5) separate units;

1. Control Console
2. Load Bank
3. Hydraulic Supply
4. Drive stand
5. Drive Stand Power Supply

Control Console
The purpose of the control console is to centralize all controls and metering (except the hydraulic supply) Included in the control console are; voltage regulator, generator control unit connection panel, an calibration panel, an electronic digital counter, a temperature indicator, an AC/DC metering panel, a power supply, a load metering panel, a load bank control panel, a drive control panel and related controls.

Load Bank
The purpose of the load bank assembly is to provide an infinitely adjustable load from 0-123KW, 0-93 KVAR, 3 Phase at 400 HZ resistive and reactive loads. The unit contains a fan which provides the necessary cooling air for the load elements. The load bank cabinet is adaptable for either indoor or outdoor installation. Control of the load bank is accomplished through the load bank control panel mounted in the control console.

Hydraulic Supply
The purpose of the hydraulic supply is to provide conditioned oil required for open closed loop testing of aircraft constant speed drives, oil cooled generators, and drive generator package with instrumentation for monitoring the equipment on test. The system incorporates all of the pressure gauges required for measuring the oil inlet and return pressure as well as case air pressure and CSD charge pressure. A water to oil heat exchanger is provided for cooling the oil. The system contains all of the components and controls necessary for the operation of the test stand and monitoring the unit on test.

Drive Stand
The drive stand consists of a DC drive motor, speed increaser, tachmeter generator, blast air supply, electrical accessory box on a common base. The speed increaser has a separate lubrication system. The drive stand provides electrical receptacles, connectors, and a mounting pad and splined shaft required for use in the testing of generators and or constant speed transmissions.

Drive Stand Power Supply
The drive stand power supply is made up of a static power supply and speed control. The power supply includes fuses and breakers for AC and DC overloads. Capabilities and Limitation

Control Console
The control console has the necessary instrumentation and control circuits to monitor and control the test conditions on constant speed drive (CSD’S) up to and including 90 KVA. AC alternators current generators and alternators rated 380-420 HZ up to and including 120 KVA. The control console is limited to the operating range of the meters and circuits.

Load Bank
The load bank is capable of being remotely located and controlled from the control console.

Drive Stand
The drive stand is capable of providing 200 HP continuous operation 12,000 RPM with AND20007, type XVII-D output pad with replaceable 26 tooth splined shaft. A second adapter gear box in included. The gear has an AND 12 bolt 10” dia. Pad on the output with key shaft in put drive. The gear box has a ratio of 1.5:1 for a total speed of 1.5 x 2000 =18,000 RPM

Drive Stand Power Supply
The power unit is capable of providing 200 HP continuously for 8 hours for the DC motor and gear box. The power unit can provide 300 HP for 5 minutes once per half hour and 400 HP for 5 second per half hour. The power unit is limited to operation from 460VAC +10 -5%, phase, 60 HZ power. Speed regulation is ±0.25% of set speed from 3750-12,000 RPM. This includes total speed change from no load to full load, voltage variation of ±5%, and a ±5º temperature change after a 30 minute warm up.

Approx. Dimensions:  
Approx. Weight:  

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