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High Flow, Hydraulic Test Stand Assembly

GPM/PSI: 0-250 GPM  
Fluid: Pet Base Mil-spec  
Manufacturer: Buxton Ind.
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: B1-5000SD  
Power: 480/60HZ/3PH

Originally used to test Barksdale high flow valves. This unit is ideal for the engineering and R & D area. The two (2) piece system consists of the test bench and the hydraulic power unit.

This is a 0-250 GPM unit using an accumulator bank to deliver high flow. The main pump can be used to 20 GPM, and 5000 PSI or to change the accumulator bank. The control console includes instrumentation and controls as shown below:

Test Bench Major Components:

  • Test bench return shut off valve
  • Main supply valve and actuator
  • Pressure manifold shut off valve no. 1 (Barksdale)
  • Pressure manifold gauge 0-10,000 PSI
  • Test bench bleeder valve
  • Regulator no. 1 pressure gauge (damaged)
  • System regulator no. 1 (Barksdale)
  • Shop air regular no. 1
  • Shop air regular no. 2
  • Pressure gauge
  • Shop air pressure gauge no. 1
  • Shop air pressure gauge no. 2
  • System regulator no. 2 (Barksdale)
  • Regulator no. 2 pressure gauge, 0-6000 PSI
  • Pressure manifold shut off valve no. 2 (Barksdale)
  • Instrument panel connectors (9 each) consisting of: 2 pressure manifold connectors, 2 regulator pressure connectors, and 5 return manifold connectors
  • Flowmeter

    The power unit is controlled by the operate console and consists of the following:

    Accumulator Pump Unit Major Components:

  • Reservoir
  • Suction shut off valve
  • Suction filter
  • Motor, 60 HP, 60HZ, 3 phase, 230/460
  • Triplex pump, TD-60, 5000 PSI
  • Check valve
  • Main supply valve and actuator
  • Relief valve
  • Accumulator shut off valve
  • Accumulator, 8 each unit, 15 gallon, 5000 PSI
  • Accumulator system manifold
  • Gauge snubber
  • Gauge, accumulator
    pressure, 0-10,000 PSI
  • Valve, bleeder, 0-10,000 PSI capacity
  • Switch, pressure
    (Barksdale) 325-6,500 PSI
  • Dump valve and actuator

    The accumulator type system is operated as follows. Accumulator pumping unit operation. The electric motor driven triplex pump takes fluid from the reservoir through the suction shut-off valve and filter. It forces hydraulic fluid through the check valve and accumulators shut-off valve to charge the system manifold and accumulator bottles. This charging will continue until the system pressure reaches 5000 PSI. This pressure switch senses this pressure, shuts off the electric power to the pump motor at 5000 PSI and restarts the electric motor when pressure drops to 3500 PSI. (settings are adjustable) Once the system reaches 5000 PSI and there are no leaks or the system is not used, the system remains at 5000 PSI static pressure and the electric pump is not used.

    Additional triplex pumps can be added to the power unit to achieve a more suitable continuous high flow condition that may be desired in production testing. At this time we have in stock three (3) additional triplex pumps and motors all subject to prior sale. The four (4) pumps would give you the capability of 80GPM @ 5000 PSI continuous flow with up to 330 GPM @ 3000 PISG for short duration flow tests using the accumulator circuit.
    Approx. Dimensions:  
    ALS ID: TSH-114  
    Approx. Weight:  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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