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Hydraulic Test Stand

GPM/PSI: 0-20 GPM/0-5000 PSI  
Fluid: Skydrol  
Manufacturer: American Lab & Systems (ALS)
HP: 40  
Shown as: New  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: TS203K-S4  
Volt: 440
PH: 3
HZ: 60
RPM: 1200

Type: Stationary Test Stand

This unit is capable of testing actuators, valves, accumulators, and hoses.

The Power Unit has a 700 series Denison variable volume pressure compensated pump.

It also includes a high pressure filter (3 micron), low pressure filter (10 micron), water heat exchanger, relief valve, check valve, drain valve, 80 gallon reservoir, electrical control enclosure with starter, fuses, and relay.

This Test Stand gauge panel and control valve panel are mounted on an angle iron frame with stainless steel work sink which drains into the reservoir.

The Test Stand construction is unique in that all hydraulic components are tank mounted behind the control panel, making access very easy to all items.

The black anodized aluminum gauge test panel includes:

  • (3) 6" dia pressure gauges, 6000 PSI
  • (1) 20 GPM flowmeter
  • (4) bulk head fitting and test ports
  • (4) Gauge shut off valve
  • (1) 3" dia temperature gauge

    The black anodized aluminum control valve panel

  • (1) push button stop/start station
  • (1) shut off valve
  • (1) 4 way, manual operated selector valve
  • (1) 0-10,000 PSI static circuit

    This is a self-contained test stand with new, overhauled, and factory warranted components.

    Approx. Dimensions: 5' W x 4' D x 6' H  
    ALS ID: TSH-111-20S4  
    Approx. Weight: 3700 lbs  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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