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Fuel Pump Test Stand System 2 Sections

Manufacturer: General Electric (GE)
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No:  
Originally designed for T58/T64 Fuel Pump Testing - Helicopters may be used for fixed wing pump testing.

The fuel pump test stand consists of the electrical power supply cabinet enclosure and the main test console with all instrumentation, pump drive, test controls, work sink and explosion proof electrical.

Note: There are several drive adapters included. All items are identified below:

Panel mounted gauges 6" Ashcroft, back port

0-60 PSI Filter Delta P
0-100 PSI Test pump inlet pressure
0-200 PSI Boost pressure
0-1500 PSI Test pump outlet pressure

RPM indicator - Manufactured by Cox Instruments - Frequency counter Model No. 854A

Digital flow indicator, Cox Instruments Model No. 644-2

Lowbow torque meter 200 in lbs. max. RPM 6000

Analog torque meter panel mounted indicator

Fenwall temperature controller adj. 50 - 200 F panel mount style

Young heat exchanger Model F504-EX-4P with air operated water controller with probe in fuel tank.

Honeywell Manufacturer of control valve for cooler.

Fisher air operated valve and controller with Annin domotor, air operated control on Worthington controller, valve no. 91365-1-1, 1" ports. Model 1660 rated 600 USAS

Test pump drive motor DC motor super "T" power unit by Reliance Electric rated 240 VDC, 60 AMPS, 0-5000 RPM, 15 HP with panel mounted 10 turn speed controls.

Boost pump and motor lngersol Rand pump 16 GPM, 3523 RPM, 300 ft. head mod. IMRUW5 with GE HP 5 motor, 60 , frame 213 CZ. Volts 208/ 220/440. AMPS 14.617.3, Model 5K13RG59A

Console has exhaust system mounted on top; also has a stainless steel sink and work top with two drawers for storage. Console has lighting inside for maintenance and inspection.

There are two emergency stops on either side of the console test drive. All fuel that drains into sink returns to sump, not into reservoir.

Manufacturer: General Electric M.G. set/console

AC/DC remote assess
GE Model 37C108 2 of 2 Contract 9849437-GI
A/C motor/generator by Reliance
Super 'T' power unit
AC 208,220,440 3 PH, 60 input
DC 240 volts, 55 AMPS output
Frame DI5V 5

Reliance cardpack controllers
0-49001 Power supply
0-49013-1 Operational filter
0-49008-3 Limit anti-hunt limit
0-49002 Driver with bias adjustment

Console has starters, DC power supply, step down transformer, fuses, emergency stop, start/stop push buttons.

1 of 2 and 2 of 2 both marked: Serial No. 524-65-112-A

Remote access cabinets 9849437-Q, 9849437-G1

Contract AF33-657-12643

Note:Unit is missing some parts.
Approx. Dimensions:  
Approx. Weight:  

Units Subject To Prior Sale

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