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Hydraulic Pump Test Stand

Manufacturer: Sprague/Teledyne Sprague
HP: 40/100  
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No: 78648  
Model No:  
RPM: 1700-3775

Note: 100 HP Drives is extra

Pump Test Stand variable speed for open and closed loop testing. Unit has a 40 HP varidrive with speed range of 1700-3775 RPM.

The drive connects to an electronic torque transducer, The pump test pad is an A.N.D.6" 6 bolt style with female spline shaft adapter.

The system is self-contained with reservoir heat exchanger, control valves, selector valves, throttle valves, gauge calibration ports, electric starter and circuit breaker.

The Test Stand rotation is reversible. The system includes the following instrumentation:


1 each .02-.31 GPM range Analog style
1 each .3-3.0 GPM range Analog style
1 each .25-5.4 GPM range Analog style
1 each 3.5-39 GPM range Analog style
1 each 4" 0-6000 PSI gauge Analog style
1 each 4" 0 -100 PSI gauge Analog style
1 each 4" 0-160 PSI gauge Analog style
1 each Torque indicator 0-100% electronic
1 each RPM meter 0-5000 RPM electronic
1 each Timer standard electric 0-60 min. electronic
1 each Temperature control 0-300 F with set point and indicator

The system was originally built for Martin Marietta for missile pump support, (Martin Part No. PD60SO139-009) The test falls into the RPM and HP range for many Corporate Aircraft.

The unit is presently on red oil fluid 5606 service and can be changed to skydrol or other fluid service. A hydraulic pump system can be added as a remote item on request to test other components such as actuator valves or the main drive can service as a drive pad to pump to produce flow and pressure for other tests.

Unit has 767 hours run time.

Approx. Dimensions: 77" H x 75" W x 77" D  
Approx. Weight:  

Units Subject To Prior Sale

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