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Vari-Drive US Motors

Manufacturer: US Electric
HP: 50-75  
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: A2-spec  
RPM min.: 11550-2900
RPM max.: 6200-11300
Voltage: 220/440 Vac
HZ: 60
Frame: 83-504-50

  • Magnetic starter size 3, 440 vac. coil
  • Remote control drive speed actuator 220/440 vac.
  • Dual head output
  • 1 head 11550/2900 RPM
  • 1 head 11300/6200 RPM

    Drive is skid mounted and currently set up to load-test pumps or double shaft components. The driven shaft of the (UUT) is powered by the vari-drive the out shaft connects to a water brake style Dyno complete with load circuit and scale to indicate torque.

    Approx. Dimensions: 8' L x 5' H x 3' W  
    ALS ID: VD-103  
    Approx. Weight: 5500 lbs.  
    Location: ALS Yard  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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