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Fuel Nozzle Cart

Manufacturer: Bauer
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: BEI 3670-5  
  • Used for PWA JT8D & JT9D Engine

    Functional Description

    The BEI 3670-5 Portable Fuel Nozzle Cleaning Cart provides and reliable means of dissolving and removing carbon and other deposits from fuel nozzle and manifolds used in industrial gas turbine engines produced by leading manufactures. The cart consist of hydraulic and electrical systems integrated in such a way as to enable wash solution to be supplied to components within specified pressure, temperature, and wash cycle limits. The cart is designed for automatic or manual operation. This simple to operate, compact unit is mounted on four 6" swivel casters, making it easy to move around. Its portability enables nozzles and manifolds to be cleaned in or out of an engine. When removed from an engine, these components can be individually cleaned or cleaned as an assembly. The cart has the additional capability of being used as a gas path cleaner to remove foreign material build up on blades and vanes.


    The cart is designed and built to clean fuel nozzles and manifolds used in Turbo Power & Marine GG4/FT4 industrial gas turbine engines. The cart also may be used for other industrial engines such as the General Electric LM2500 and Westinghouse W251.

    Hydraulic System

    Centrifugal pump - 35 GPM at 125 PSIG (optional 200 PSIG pump is available)
    Operating Temperature - 125-170F (wash solution), 55-75F (rinse water)
    Filtration - 75 microns

    Type of Fluid

    Cleaning Solution - Turco T-5884 or equivalent, held in a 60 gallon reservoir
    Rinse Water - cold, portable, held in a 20 gallon reservoir

    Control & Instruction

    Predetermining counter - range 0-9999
    Cycle timer - range 0-15 seconds (wash time), 0-8 minutes (sock time)
    Pressure Gauges - (2) 0-16 PSIG with 1% accuracy full scale
    Dial thermometer - range + 30- 180F with 2F accuracy

    Approx. Dimensions: 45  
    ALS ID: SCF-101  
    Approx. Weight:  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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