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Gear Box Test Stand

Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: N.A.  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No: 541810-8  
Model No:  
Flap, Slats, Air Brakes, Main Drive & Accessories Test Stand (Gear & Related Sipport Components maybe tested)

Manufacturer: Airesearch Mfg. Co.
STE: 617610

Description/Function of unit

The test stand is used to functionally test the main drive gear case assembly part number 541810-8. The test stand consists of a gear case holding fixture. A fluid and slat output shaft loading device, a flap and slat shaft revolutions counting device, a meter mounting panel to display the various functions under test.

The test stand was built by Airesearch to test F111 main drive actuators the following NSN numbers applies:

1. 4920-00-754-3436 Main Drive Actuator
2. 4920-00-834-9049 Aircraft Maintenance Fixture
3. 4920-00-907-3656 Gear Protractor Assembly
4. 4920-00-836-4236 Spring Expander
5. 4920-00-997-9140 Aircraft Maintenance Fixture
6. 4920-00-997-9141 Aircraft Maintenance Fixture
7. 4920-00-997-9139 DP Aircraft Maintenance Fixture

The Airesearch test stand part number STE617610 is capable of driving three (3) individual axis on assemblies at one time X-Y-Z. The drives are variable high torque hydraulic motors, (piston type) close couple to rotary torque meters. There are three (3) systems left and right hand center one (1) system can be used to load another or absure rotary torque. All torque and ROM is read on digital panel mounted meters the speed range base on the hydraulic motor drive are capable of 0-5000 RPM and 0-10,000 in lbs torque.

While the stand was originally designed for F111aircraft the manufacturer has built in a wide range of test parameters allowing other aircraft to be considered for test evolution.

Condition: Used/Good

Approx. Dimensions: 8 L x 6 H x 4 D  
ALS ID: TSGB-102  
Approx. Weight: 2900 lbs.  
Location: Main WH  

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