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Hydraulic Portable Mule MUH-155

Hydraulic Portable Mule MUH-155

GPM/PSI: 50 GPM, 3000 PSI  
Fluid: Converted to Skydrol  
Manufacturer: ACL
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Mule
Part No: 9780-0251  
Model No: Model: 9780-0218  

Description/Function of unit

The test stand is designed to provide a source of hydraulic power up to 50 GPM at 3100 PSIG and up to 5000 PISG with a reduced flow with open or closed loop operation. The stand instrumentation includes pressure, flow and temperature display. The unit is completely self-contained and requires only connection to a source of 460 Volts, 3 PH, 60 HZ power.

Fluid cooling is accomplished through an air to oil heat exchanger and cooling fan. A normally closed over-temperature switch shuts the stand down at excessive fluid temperature.

The boost pump, piggy back to the main pump, supplies supercharge pressure to the main pump. The main pump is a variable volume, pressure compensated pump with adjustable maximum flow stop. The main pump require supercharger pressure, therefore, operation of the main pump drive motor is arranged to shut down on loss of supercharge pressure. The main pump drive motor can not be started until the boost pump is operating and the boost system pressure switch is closed.

The test stand is capable of open or closed loop operation.

Leading Particulars

Temperature - 160ºF ± 5º maximum shutdown
Filtration - Supply 3 micron absolute, Boost 10 micron nominal
Reservoir - 80 gallons
Boost pump - 100PSIG maximum outlet, 0-800 PSIG inlet
Main pump - Variable volume, pressure compensating 0-50 GPM, 0-5000 PSI 
Main pump motor - 100HP rating 1750 RPM, 460V, 3PH, 60HZ
Heat exchanger - Air to oil

Manual Available (Yes)

Approx. Dimensions: 118” L x 66” W x 68” H  
ALS ID: MUH-155  
Approx. Weight: 4500 lbs (dry)  


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