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ALS S404 Hydraulic Test Cart

Service Carts for Aircraft Brakes

Manufacturer: American Lab & Systems (ALS)
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Product Type:   Test Stand
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This unit is completely self-contained and is fully equipped with all necessary instruments, controls and connecting hoses.

All Components are housed in an all steel cabinet of welded and bolted construction. Doors are provided to allow instant access to the interior of the machine for periodic inspection and service. The unit is compact, lightweight, and mounted on rubber tire wheels. Power supplied by a air operated pump. Hydraulic pressure is controlled by means of air pressure regulator. Once the required outlet pressure has been set, the unit can be started and stopped by means of an air shutoff valve. Direction of flow is controlled by a four-way selector valve. Our relief valve is installed in the hydraulic circuit to prevent any excessive pressure build-up. American Lab Systems version of S404.

This unit may be furnished with either a single or a dual outlet system. A suitable service manual containing maintenance and operating instructions is provided.

Standard Equipment

1. Cabinet
2. Reservoir 5 gal. cap. With AN-6236-1 filter
3. Pump, air operated
4. Muffler
5. Shut-off valve
6. Selector valve, 4 way, ¼”
7. Pressure gauge, 0-5000 PSI
8. Air shut-off cock, 3/8”
9. Air filter, 3/8”
10. Air lubricator, 3/8”
11. Air pressure regulator, 3/8”
12. Air pressure gauge, 0-160 PSI
13. Relief valve
14. Air hose, 3/8”, 25’
15.Hydraulic hose, ¼”, 15’ (2 reg’d)

Optional Equipment (shown with dash line)

16. Accumulator 25 or 50 cu. in.
17. Pressure filter, 10 micron
18. Shut-off valve
19. Selector valve, 4 way, ¼”
20. Hydraulic hose, ¼”, 15’ (2 reg’d)

*** Equipment to provide for optional systems.
*** Optional equipment on single and dual units.

Leading Particulars

Test Medium - Mil-H-5606, Mil-H-83282, Hydraulic fluid, Skydrol or as specified.
Pressure - Up to 3500 PSI @ 86 PSIG driving air pressure, Higher pressures at higher driving air pressure
Flow - Approximately 1 GPM flow @ 2000 PSI
Reservoir Capacity - Five (5) gallon
Filtration - 10 micron, or as specified
Hoses - Two (2) each 15’ft 1½“ nominal with JIC swivel fittings at each end
Instrumentation - Pump air pressure gauge 0-60 PSI range, System pressure gauge 0-6000 PSI range

Optional Features

A. Dual outlet system
B. High pressure filter
C. Accumulator
D. Hand pump

Can be converted to Red oil or Skydrol use.

Approx. Dimensions: 45" H x 24" L x 18" D  
ALS ID: SCH-102  
Approx. Weight: 125 lbs.  

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Pneumatic nitrogen carts used for setting and filling struts on aircraft

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